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Saturday, February 13, 2021

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Thinking of getting an ear piercing? Whether it ' s your first one or your tenth, you can never fully prepare yourself for the pain each one brings. But you can decide which one is best for you, based on your pain tolerance. Not sure which piercing that is? Scroll below for our ranking of ear piercings from least to most painful to discover the one for you. The lobe is the fleshy, bottom part of your ear.

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28 Adventurous Ear Piercings To Try This Summer

Brittany got her first piercing as an infant, and now has a total of six delicate piercings. Getting a piercing is always a big decision to make. Though it's definitely the most flexible of body modifications you can get you can always take out a piercing that you don't like, or change the jewellery , it's still a tough choice to figure out what kind of piercing suits you and your lifestyle. Many women want to get piercings, but might be turned off by the stereotype piercings may bring or may be worried that having "too big" of a piercing could distract from their other facial features or even draw too much attention. For all these reasons, women are starting to turn to more delicate piercing options— small studs placed in discrete places, or even more obvious piercings, but with smaller jewellery.

30 Ear Piercing Ideas That’ll Convince You to Curate Your Ear RN

Just like in the tattoo world, the hottest trends in piercing seem to be everywhere you look and considering the amount of skin us humans have, the piercing possibilities seem almost endless. However, there might be some cool cartilage piercings you've probably never considered. Over the past few years, septum piercings seem to have worn the crown and ruled as the hippest piercing, but if cartilage piercings took human form Game of Thrones style, they'd be lurking in the shadows, waiting for their moment to strike and usurp septum piercings. Can you tell I've got GoT withdrawal?
IMHO, the worst part about getting an ear piercing isn't the pain that shit is temporary or the regular cleaning twice a day? I can handle that —it's waiting for that bb to be fully healed so I can take out the jewelry. I don't have a problem with piercing jewelry, per se , but basic-ass studs and rings can feel a little meh when there's a whole world of cute jewelry waiting to elevate the hell out of your ear. But as anyone who's attempted to swap out their starter earrings at home knows well, piercing jewelry is kinda a bitch to remove —it's not always intuitive there usually isn't a visible back or latch to unhook , and the process can leave you high-key panicked see: me reaching for a pair of pliers.
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