Pre-Questionnaire for teaching pilots


This brief questionnaire has been developed by the IDCnet project, an European Union project which is promoting the concept of Design for All, or Inclusive Design, for information and communication technologies. We would like to identify the knowledge, skills and attitudes of students towards Design for All before this module begins. A similar questionnaire will then be administered later to see if and how your views may have changed. This form is not active online. It is only offered as an example.

© IDCnet (2004)


  1. Why did you choose this module?

  2. Awareness of Design for All, Inclusive Design, Universal Design, etc.

  3. Why Design for All? Ethical, legal and commercial considerations

  4. Recommendations, guidelines, standards, etc., that have a bearing on Design for All

  5. Interpersonal Skills for Teamwork, experience in communicating the Design for All concept with other members of a team

  6. Accessible content: knowledge on making content of documents, multimedia and Web sites accessible to all users, e.g. by making alternative forms of media available

  7. Accessible interaction: knowledge about assistive and adaptive devices that enable alternative input and output, e.g. speech synthesisers, screen reader software, alternative keyboards, etc.

  8. New paradigms of interaction, that is, new research being conducted in areas such as smart computing applications, smart homes, clothes, cars, etc.

  9. User centred design, including methods, tools and techniques to capture user requirements and evaluate designs with users

  10. Application domains and Research where Design for All issues are relevant, e.g., public access to information, health monitoring, technology enhanced learning, etc.

  11. Overall, do you think that the knowledge and skills listed above would be useful in the future?