Here you will find our public deliverables for download or browsing. There is also a listing of all publications about the network from the Consortium members. You can also download the Executive Summary of the Final Report.

IDCnet deliverables
Deliverable titledate availabledownload version
D1.3 - IDCnet - Project Presentation 1/December/2002 [Updated January/2004] IDCnet_flyer.pdf
D1.4a - IDCnet - Summary of key findings from IDCnet 31/May/2004 [Updated November/2004] IDCnet_D1.4a.pdf
D2.1 - The needs of industry and future technologies landscapes and the resultant requirements for the graduate profile 1/March/2003 [Updated February/2004] IDCnet_D2.1.pdf
D2.2 - The optimal graduate profile for DfA based on the needs of industry and the possibilities of within educational institutions 31/May/2004 [Updated November/2004] IDCnet_D2.2.pdf
D3.1 - What constitutes DfA knowledge? Baseline document for 1st Workshop 1/February/2003 IDCnet_D3.1.pdf
D3.2 - Identifying Core Knowledge and Skill Sets for Model Curricula 1/March/2003 [Updated February/2004] IDCnet_D3.2.pdf
D3.3 - Teaching DfA Core Knowledge and Skill Sets 31/May/2004 [Updated November/2004] IDCnet_D3.3.pdf
D4.1 - Report on update of Design for All and Design for All related higher education and research policies in EU member countries and USA 1/March/2004 IDCnet_D4.1.pdf
D4.2 - Assessment of and recommendations on DfA related higher education and research policies and strategies in EU countries 31/May/2004 [Updated November/2004] IDCnet_D4.2.pdf