Project description


The strategic goal of IDCnet was to integrate information and identify core knowledge sets and skills for model curricula in Design for All for Information and Communication Products, Systems and Services. IDCnet situated its activities in the multidisciplinary area of design, especially design for, and supported by, information and communication technologies.

The Design for All or Universal Design philosophy embraces a wide range of design artifacts, including the built environment and landscape architecture, biomedical and rehabilitation engineering. IDCnet intends to focus on the design of information and communication products, systems and services.

The objectives of IDCnet were to:

  • Integrate relevant information to understand the ICT design education culture and the industry needs in Europe.
  • Identify knowledge sets and skills that should be part of a curriculum for DfA in ICT.
  • Integrate R&D products that contribute to DfA in design and learning processes.
  • Influence education and research policies.
  • Mainstreaming DfA in the education sector.

The activities of IDCnet were aimed to support the objectives of eEurope and the European Secretariat for the Design for All e-Accessibility Network (EDeAN) in regard to the development of curriculum recommendations in the area of Design for All in ICT.


The activities of IDCnet were focused on two workshops (Helsinki, Feb 2003 and Sankt Augustin, January 2004) and different dissemination activities in conferences. There were also pilot settings from some network members. You can download the project brochure as a PDF file.